So, the truth about health care and why we need health insurance for all:

The Coffee Connection provides sober support, employment training and creation to women in recovery from addiction. Two of our goals are sustained recovery from addiction and self-sufficiency.

A woman without children cannot work for us for more than 32 hours a week at $10.25 an hour or she will lose her health insurance. Does that sound sustainable? Several women have had to cut back their hours because they DID lose their health insurance. Now, they want to work 40 hours a week and I need them for 40 hours a week. But even if they want to volunteer those extra 8 hours (and beg and offer to over and over again!!), it is illegal for them to do so! They are committed the Coffee Connection, want careers with us, and want to help more women.

So, if these women could work 40 hours a week at higher pay, wouldn’t that be great? And when someone only works 32 hours a week, they are often considered lazy. Not nice!

Health care for all enables women to climb out of poverty. With our population of women in recovery from addiction, this is what it accomplishes:
–Keeps women out of jail/prison to the tune of $60K a years.
–Radically reduces reliance on social services (“welfare”)
–Keeps children with healthy mothers and out of foster care
–Creates taxpayers
–Creates consumers with buying power
–Makes for a happier–safer–community.

Denying universal health care raises our taxes and holds people back from their full potential.

So, join the campaign!

Good news!! I met with Corinda Crossdale, commissioner of DHS—and there may be a way to find the health care for those wanting to work more hours at higher pay!!!

Written 4/21/17