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I See America

by Jimmy Reader

What does it mean to be “true-blue?” I was touched by the article about Germany’s patriotism and how it is shown and lived. For some, being a “true-blue” American is to celebrate our country with flags and celebration without critical thought. By without critical thought I mean blindly, not looking at the whole picture and […]

Health Care and Economic Self-sufficiency

by Jimmy Reader

So, the truth about health care and why we need health insurance for all: The Coffee Connection provides sober support, employment training and creation to women in recovery from addiction. Two of our goals are sustained recovery from addiction and self-sufficiency. A woman without children cannot work for us for more than 32 hours a […]

Excellence, Not Perfection

by Jimmy Reader

Strive for excellence, not perfection! You will be happier, people will like you better, you will save the time/energy agonizing over it, your creativity will be unleashed and the quality of you work will become even better than it already is!! Written 4/12/17

Makeup & Society

by Jimmy Reader

Bad news: I lost my makeup. Bad news: I found my makeup. Bad news: Now I have to wear makeup as a courtesy to society. Written 4/13/17

Thank you, Margaret Guenther

by Jimmy Reader

So, the top crust above us, those heroes and sheroes who mentored us, whose words we relished whether spoken or written, those who have blazed the path for us, who are the buffer between our lives and death, are moving on. Holly Near sings, “Every paper brings the news that the teachers of my song […]


by Jimmy Reader

Stacey Pum exemplifies what the Coffee Connection is all about. Stacey came to the Coffee Connection to fulfill the requirements to work for her county welfare benefits. Because of her criminal record, no one would hire her, despite promises to do so. I recognized Stacey’s potential and I told her I would hire her. She […]